South Kingsway-Queensway Interchange Update: Community Council favours status quo

Yesterday at Etobicoke York Community Council,
the culmination of more than a year's worth of community organizing was
put to the test. Community Council had before it a report from staff
recommending a slightly modified configuration to this extremely
dangerous and unpleasant interchange in South Etobicoke. Members of the

Reminder: South Kingsway-Queensway Interchange Community Council Meeting - July 7

As mentioned in last week's TCAT News e-Bulletin, there is an important Community Council meeting coming up next Monday. The Toronto Urban Renewal Network (TURN) is working hard to get as many pedestrians and cyclists - especially those living in Ward 13 - out to speak in favour of a redesign for this dangerous intersection to more safely accommodate active transportation.

Toronto Police Bike Safety Blitz - Results released

There is a lot of contention that surrounds the Toronto Police Service's annual campaign
to target drivers and cyclists who commit 'offences' that make cycling
unsafe on our streets. It's also surprising that the City chooses to
run this campaign during the very period they are trying to promote

South Kingsway-Queensway Interchange update - Report goes to Community Council July 7

It's been a while since TCAT News last reported on the debate around a redesign for the South Kingsway-Queensway Interchange in Ward 13. The Toronto Urban Renewal Network (TURN)
has been busy organizing residents interested in designing and building
an interchange that improves safety and accessibility for pedestrians,
cyclists and transit users.

Gardiner Expressway Interchanges Environmental Assessment - Open House June 11

The City is looking at ways to improve the Kipling and Islington
interchanges with the Gardiner Expressway. It is important that the
study focus not only on vehicular movement, and that is why a cyclist
and pedestrian presence throughout the EA will be very important.

As the City gets the project EAs underway, they are hosting an open house on June 11. The dates are:

Date: Wednesday, June 11

Time: 5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Ride the South Kingsway Cloverleaf - May 27

Date: Tuesday, May 27th (Rain Date: May 28)

Time: 7:30 a.m.

Location: High Park (Bloor entrance)

The Toronto Urban Renewal Network (TURN) is working for safer
cycling, pedestrian and transit infrastructure at The South Kingsway
and Queensway Interchange (SKQI), a car-oriented area located in the
southwest corner of Ward 13.

Bikes at Public Works and Infrastructure Committee - Three items at this weeks meeting, May 7

This week's meeting of the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee will review three separate items related to cycling in Toronto - the first two are recommendations coming up from the Toronto Cycling Advisory Committee. The items are:

15.6 Winter Snow Removal on Bike Lanes

Is Toronto Safe for Cycling? - Goldhawk Live on RogersTV explores the issue

Last Thursday evening, Goldhawk Live on Rogers Television tackled the
issue of whether or not it's safe to cycle in Toronto. The panel
members were able to steer the conversation toward why cycling is safe,
while keeping in mind what the City still has to do to continue making
it safer, thus attracting new cyclists to try it out.

On the panel were:

Chicago Takes a Stand Against Dooring and other dangerous traffic offences - New ordinance passed

Thanks to some work by the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation, Chicago now has an answer to a few big problems we all face on busy roads. Torontonians are no strangers to dooring, cars parked in bike lanes and other traffic offenses that endanger cyclists.

Toronto Police Traffic Survey - Have your say

Thanks to our friends at I Bike TO for posting information on the Toronto Police Services' Traffic Survey.

This questionnaire was designed to find out how
you feel about traffic issues in Toronto, and the Toronto Police
response to these issues. Your answers will be strictly confidential
and your participation is appreciated.

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