Bike Lanes, On-Street Parking and Business

Research report published by the Clean Air Partnership in February 2009 shows that removing on-street parking to install a bicycle lane or widened sidewalk would likely increase not decrease commercial activity.

A summary of the findings:
- only 10% of survey respondents drive to the Bloor Annex neighbourhood
- even during peak periods no more than 80% of paid parking spaces are paid for
- patrons arriving by foot and bicycle visit the most often and spend the most money per month
- there are more merchants who believe that a bike lane or widened sidewalk would increase business than merchants who think those changes would reduce business
- patrons would prefer a bike lane to widened sidewalks at a ratio of almost four to one; and
- the reduction in on-street parking supply from a bike lane or widened sidewalk could be accommodated in the area's off-street municipal parking lots

To read the study report please click here.

Study highlights infographics designed by Clara Romero from planningAlliance can be found here.